Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Demon Hunter starting scenery

So I've been a bit distracted from my space posts the past month due to Legion coming out.

The story (and Horde version vs Alliance version) is great, although a few sad bits throughout Val'shara (maybe one of the prettiest areas Blizzard have made).

I also started a Demon Hunter, who I haven't focused on too much, is a lot of fun to play, but wanted to level my rogue first. And I could ramble on about the storyline and what I love so far (there's lots), but thought I'd throw in a heap of scenery screenshots of the Demon Hunter starting area instead :)

I will have more No Man's Sky imagery for you next post:)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

No Man's Sky - Day 5

Leaving the Space Station I head for the closest planet, Itinsk Shgarbin.
It's a harsh planet compared to Pachanuman SH980, it's a hot 47 during the day and 60 at night, but with the sun gone my exosuit gets a bit of rest.
Landing in a random location it's time to explore. The planet is a mountainous brown landscape scattered with red leaved trees. Although they are quite pretty, their colour seems to make everything seem hotter and makes me a bit uneasy.

After wandering around looking for resources and waypoints for a while I start to hate this planet. It's all rock. There are so many areas where I have to use my jetpack, even one waypoint which is on top of a high rock with no way to reach it by foot.
There's a Vy'keen transmission tower which alerts me to two significant coordinates. One is Vy'keen, the other Korvax. Heading back to my ship I fly towards the Vy'keen one first.

Landing a distance away from the signal I discover a few of this planets creatures. There are floating eels in the sky, they spin and turn but always stay just too far away to scan and find out what they really are.

There is also a strange reptilian skinned mammal with fungi-type growths on its back and a long horn protruding straight upwards from its nose. I can only find one and wonder if it has the feeling of loneliness on this planet too.

After an hour of wandering I finally make it to the Vy'keen signal. It's coming from what looks like an abandoned temple that is falling apart in places. There is no entrance on the ground level, using my jetpack again, I get to the first level and start exploring.

I cannot find anything of interest here other than learning a little more of the Vy'keen language. There are great views from all sides and some interesting circle windows where you can see for miles, I wonder if this building was of importance to the Vy'keen in either a spiritual or tactical way.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

No Man's Sky - Day 4

After walking, discovering and mining for a bit I changed my mind about trading in my ship, and decided it's time to leave Pachanuman SH980. According to my logs I have discovered 85%. There is one species left to discover, these would be the birds that are flying around close to where I originally crashed, but I cannot find anywhere I can get close enough to any to scan properly and officially discover what they are.

I entered my ship and started my journey to another planet.

There are three planets in the Zouma system, I found the second after doing a scan and was alerted to a beacon signal. There is also a space station just past the planet which I decided to visit first. My inventory is full and I'm hoping I will be able to trade there.

I landed on the space station, there was a door on each side of the landing area. The first I went to needed an AtlasCard to open, which I don't have, the second opens and a Vy'keen called Guard Wug is standing behind what I assume is a bar with insane disco lights that flash whenever he wants to talk (although this may be a visual bug, it still seems pretty cool). I manage to get a blueprint from him even though I still don't know enough Vy'keen to understand what he's saying. Then I find the trading post and get some much needed inventory space back.

I think I will stay here for the night and fly to the closest planet tomorrow.

The first planet page is available of Pachanuman SH980 with lots of screenshots and lists.

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