Monday, 21 March 2016

Introduction and Day of the Tentacle

Mmmm, I'm thirsty
I don't think you should drink that. It looks bad for you.
Nonsense! It makes me feel Great! Smarter! More aggressive. I feel like I could...
Like I could...

Yes! Day of the Tentacle has just been re-released! We can all play its remastered goodness on newer computers!

I also thought it would be a good first post for my new game blog. So let me introduce myself.
I'm known as Tig, after my first online character Tigratho, a night elf rogue in World of Warcraft.
I've been playing computer games since I was about 4. I think the very first game I played was Amy's First Primer, which was new at the time! (damn, I feel old now)

But I'm not here to take over the world, just making a place where someone might read my ramblings about games. Some posts will be about new games, some reminiscing about old ones (like this post!). I'm posting to have fun, so feel free to leave comments, I will reply :D
You can also find me on Instagram and on G+ (which I don't use much yet, but you'll get all my art and game posts).

The other week announced the preorder for Day of the Tentacle, one of my favourites when I was growing up (as were most of the Lucas Arts games), and I've been hanging out for it since.
It's an interesting game where you play as the three main characters, which are thrown into different time eras. Everything you do in the past/present affects the present/future, and you can have characters interacting in a limited way via a Chron-O-John (a fancy contraption made with toilets).

Your aim is to try and stop Purple Tentacle take over the world by enslaving humans after he drinks some contaminated water (you know the purple one was always going to be the evil one, nothing says power like that eyebrow).

There are heaps of little puzzles to solve to progress in your mission, while jumping back and forth between past, present and future, and heaps of great humour to entertain you as you go. I've played it about a million times in the past, so let's see how much of it I remember!

Did you ever play Day of the Tentacle? Will you be playing the remastered edition?

*Above is a quick painting I did of Purple Tentacle today. It's not quite finished yet, but wanted to put it up with this post.

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