Saturday, 13 August 2016

No Man's Sky - Day 1

No Man's Sky came out today on PC. After arguing with my computer I ended up doing a factory reset for various reasons, I found it works perfectly on Dangaz computer while I was waiting. (Sorry Dangaz, you may have lost your computer for a while.)

Back to the game - it's AWESOME.
You explore, you die, you discover and name stuff, you get to the stage where you feel totally lonely and wonder what the point is, but it looks and sounds pretty. That was my first hour of playing.

So far I have discovered 42% of the planet I started on. It's quite pretty, a pale yellow sky and mountains as far as you can see, with pockets of plant life and herbivores of various sizes. It's a nice 19° during the day, but gets down to -59° at night. I have seen some birds, but haven't been able to get close enough to scan them yet.

I will do a full upload of discoveries to my blog as I go (todays discoveries I will add tomorrow once my computer is back up and running).

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