Saturday, 20 August 2016

No Man's Sky - Day 4

After walking, discovering and mining for a bit I changed my mind about trading in my ship, and decided it's time to leave Pachanuman SH980. According to my logs I have discovered 85%. There is one species left to discover, these would be the birds that are flying around close to where I originally crashed, but I cannot find anywhere I can get close enough to any to scan properly and officially discover what they are.

I entered my ship and started my journey to another planet.

There are three planets in the Zouma system, I found the second after doing a scan and was alerted to a beacon signal. There is also a space station just past the planet which I decided to visit first. My inventory is full and I'm hoping I will be able to trade there.

I landed on the space station, there was a door on each side of the landing area. The first I went to needed an AtlasCard to open, which I don't have, the second opens and a Vy'keen called Guard Wug is standing behind what I assume is a bar with insane disco lights that flash whenever he wants to talk (although this may be a visual bug, it still seems pretty cool). I manage to get a blueprint from him even though I still don't know enough Vy'keen to understand what he's saying. Then I find the trading post and get some much needed inventory space back.

I think I will stay here for the night and fly to the closest planet tomorrow.

The first planet page is available of Pachanuman SH980 with lots of screenshots and lists.

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