Monday, 15 August 2016

No Man's Sky - Day 2

My starting point was Pachanuman SH980 in the Zouma system. This planet seems nice to start out on, mountains everywhere with a bit of plant life. All the fauna that I've found so far are herbivores, most of which are very timid and run away when you approach. I have been able to feed one Xuperquea Nodito which made it so happy it ran around in circles next to me for a few minutes like an overjoyed puppy.

The robot sentinels aren't too bad to deal with. I found out the hard way that they can be aggressive after mining in front of them and having three or four turn up and start attacking me. After downing two they got the better of me, so I now know to listen out for their hum as an indicator to stop mining until they fly away. They often stop to scan me but leave soon after if I don't do anything they deem aggressive. Generally caves are safe to mine in, mining in the entrances occasionally catch their attention. I don't believe they can think but if I mine a crystal they look at the ground where it was and spin around searching for it, somehow looking very confused as to how a crystal that was there could have completely disappeared.

Other than the robot sentinels and native fauna I believe there are other intelligent creatures on this planet. Ships fly past roughly every 15 minutes. There are a few groups that I can only assume circle the planet, although I don't know what they look for or where they are going. None have indicated in any way that they have noticed me or my crashed ship. I wouldn't mind finding out if they land anywhere.

We finally managed to get No Man's Sky working on my laptop after fiddling with the graphics card settings a bit. So now I'm back on that and able to take proper screenshots (and I've given Dangaz back his computer so he can play too). A lot of the screenshots will appear here, but I will be posting them all on my Instagram account too: - let me know in the comments if you're following me! :)

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