Monday, 15 August 2016

No Man's Sky - Day 3

So far I have managed to discover most of the planet while collecting pieces to repair my ship. With my ship repaired and refueled I was about to leave when I discovered a long range scanner which alerted me to an intelligent life-form to its north-west. Following the signal I discovered a Vy'keen outpost at The Irvilit. A ship landed next to it when I was first approaching, by the time I got there it had taken off.
I entered the outpost and met a Vy'keen Warrior. He was a bit aggressive and we couldn't understand each other too well, but after giving him some heridium he calmed down and tried to teach me a few words.

Looking around the outpost I collected a new multi-tool with extra slots. I'm curious about the ship that landed outside, whether I can interact with it, or even steal it - although I wouldn't back myself if I had to fight for it at this stage.

While I was waiting for the ship to come back I went wandering and discovered Enyalo Desert which had a small building with a Vy'keen called Captain Nuyemoruro. Through limited communication he offered to upgrade my multi-tool but it wasn't any better than the one I just upgraded to so I declined.

Walking back to The Irvilit a different ship was landing so I went up to have a closer look. It seems each ship that lands allows you to trade or offer to buy the ship. The ships are quite nice from what I've interacted with so far (only two) one was just over 200,000 units and the other a bit over 1 million units in cost, at the moment not what I can afford. So I might spend the rest of the day mining and see what I can upgrade to.

I will be creating a page for each planet where I share a list and some images of creatures, waypoints, plants and rocks I have discovered so far.

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